"David M. Farrington plays [Amy's] uptight boss Michael, who seems more concerned with the board of directors than with helping individual people. Farrington embraces the opportunity to take his character on a journey, and does a wonderful job exhibiting both power and vulnerability."

- Robert Price of thereviewsblog

"...played with steely corporate mores by David M. Farrington"

- David Roberts of Theatre Reviews Limited

Anne Frank in the Gaza Strip


"The cast is flawless in their comic talents, especially with the humorous yet loving chemistry between David M. Farrington’s Streisand-worshiping headmaster and Bruce Jones as his equally lively (and equally Streisand-worshiping) partner."

- Jed Ryan of Huffington Post

Audience Responses to Oleanna!

















The Importance of Being Earnest


"...Reverend Chasuble of David M. Farrington, played here as legitimately distracted, rather than as a doddering fool as has been common in some other productions... Farrington's depiction of the clergyman keeps his cards close to his chest, keeping us wondering if his feelings are reciprocal or disdainful."

- Andrew Beck of Hartford Arts Examiner


Negative Is Positive


"Negative Is Positive made headlines recently when former New York Rangers forward, Vogue intern, and model Sean Avery, who was originally supposed to play George, abruptly quit the show... [The Producers] have, dare we say, turned a negative into a positive with Avery’s last-minute replacement, Farrington, who displays a natural ease in the role and clearly works well with others."


- This Week In New York


"David M. Farrington as George and Vivienne Jurado as Brianna were a delight to watch and managed to find the perfect way to portray stereotypes without becoming caricatures. Their chemistry was impeccable and so was their ability to own the space every time they were on stage. David Farrington also deserves extra-credit for having jumped onboard only two days before opening night... Negative is Positive is one of the best new plays I’ve seen in the last 5 years"


- Alex Montaldo of RG Magazine




"captivating and philosophically intriguing in its power to lead our imaginations in every possible direction"



"In a movie where one is essentially the only character (and that character never speaks), in lesser hands this could have been a whole different kind of tedium. Instead, this handsome mystery man is sympathetic, infuriating and ultimately captivating. "

- Patrick K. Walsh of screamqueenz podcast blog




i wrote on ur wall and now i regret it


"What could be an ultimately creepy scene about an internet predator [David M. Farrington] who traps his young victim then ultimately becomes trapped by his young victim, becomes a tale of heartbreak, loneliness, fear and loathing... You find yourself sympathizing with the pedophile [Farrington]..."


- David Lally of NYTheater Now





"Played with chilling credibility by David M. Farrington"

- Pamela Butler,


Time Out New York, 4 Stars and a Critic's Pick!


"David M. Farrington is horrific enough to make the audience want to jump... and attack "

- David Roberts Theatre Critic




Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods


"Michael (David Farrington) is the sexy social worker. . . There is a lot going on inside Michael’s head, and we never become privy to all of it, which is intriguing. "

-Anita Gates, The New York Times

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